This product download includes all 10 songs from the John Nanni, HICKORY RUN CD.


John Nanni – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion

Jimmy Butler – Keyboards, Strings, Percussion

Tim Thompson – Rhythm Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Slide Guitar

John Heinrich – Saxophone, Flute

Wyler Androney – Hand Claps, Finger Snaps

Warren Androney – Hand Claps, Finger Snaps

Michael Wheeler – Photography, Graphic Album Design, Pensacola, FL

CD Manufacturer – Rob Woolsey – WoolseyCDR, Brentwood, TN


Recorded at Three Creek Music Studio, Hendersonville, TN

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by John Nanni

Mastered by Tim Thompson, Hidden Giant Music Studio, Hendersonville, TN

All Songs Composed and Arranged by John Nanni

©2022 All Rights Reserved by John Nanni (ASCAP) and Triple Creeks Music (ASCAP)


Three Creeks Music



For more information, email: johnnanni@threecreeksmusic.com


This is John Nanni’s instrumental jazz pop album released on October 11, 2022. Purchasing this product will enable you to download all 10 songs of the “Hickory Run” CD as high resolution MP3s to be added to your music collection whether on Windows Media Player, Apple ITunes, or any other MP3 player.

Song titles include:

1) Hickory Run (3:37)

2) Snap To It (2:44)

3) Hide and Seek (3:33)

4) Smooth Sailing (3:49)

5) Eagle Eyes (3:07)

6) Our Way Back (4:26)

7) Roll The Dice (3:25)

8) What We Said (4:03)

9) Counting Cobblestones (3:55)

10) Twirl Dance (3:53)