When John moved his family to Nashville in 1997, he established THREE CREEKS MUSIC inspired by his and his wife Dana’s three young children. Then he threw every talent he had into guaranteeing that his brood and his business would thrive. They have because not only is he a terrific father, but John has talent to spare.

It doesn’t matter whether you turn to John the songwriter, John the performer, or John the producer, John always delivers 110% and he will inspire the best of your talents as well. That is why so many people continue to work with John song after song, year after year, and project after project. His friends and collaborators—and each of them are both of those—all know no matter which creative stream he chooses to swim in, John Nanni excels at his craft.

Now, take a minute to peak into the Three Creeks of Music by John Nanni and discover the talented man we all know and love.


John Nanni, the Songwriter
John Nanni, The Performer
John Nanni, The Producer


When asked about his bucket list, the memory that prompted John’s broadest grin occurred one night in Music City when he wore the “hat” of an audience member. On that occasion, he chose his ASCAP baseball cap.

“It wasn’t but a few years back when Dana and I got to see Paul McCartney in concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. We had terrible seats, but it… Did. Not. Matter. We were just mesmerized and emotionally overwhelmed by the performance. Paul played for three hours straight, without a break, and without a drink of water. It was unbelievable and, believe me, I had many tears, many laughs, and my face hurt from smiling by the time that concert ended.”