Welcome, and thank you for dropping by my music site!

I am very excited about the release of my new CD, “DRESSED IN THE MOONLIGHT.”

The record is completed, mixed, mastered and online at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other cool Web places. I also have physical CDs that you may purchase right here on my site.

John Nanni, Dressed in the Moonlight CD ©2016
“Dressed in the Moonlight” Album Art & Design: Jem Sullivan and Mike Wheeler.

The album features original, jazz instrumental songs with a melodic, lead electric guitar influence. I was careful not to overproduce the songs with so many overdubs that it would be difficult to replicate on stage.

All the tracks are instrumental except the title track which is a smooth, radio-friendly, female vocal number (thanks to the elegant vocals of Mindy Johnson) with lush saxophone and background vocals.

I had fantastic collaborators on the songwriting. The musicians that recorded with me are truly amazing. I have much to share about the writing and the recording of this music, the wonderful people who helped me achieve my goal, and the road traveled to get the project completed. Please check back as I plan to make many updates to my website.

For more information, please email: johnnanni@comcast.net, or
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My best -John Nanni